Dr Suzita Hirachan is a highly experienced Consultant Breast Oncosurgeon affiliated with one of the biggest hospitals of Nepal- Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and Primera Hospital.

She has more than 14 years of expertise in the surgery field, particularly focused on Breast Oncosurgery.
She was honored with the Praval Jana Sewa Shree-President Award in 2022.
Dr Suzita Hirachan performs the highest volume of breast cancer surgeries in Nepal which helps achieve better long-term survival rates for cancer patients.

She has developed advanced skills in various breast surgical techniques, including oncoplastic procedures, breast enlargement, breast reduction, gynecomastia surgery etc.

Dr. Suzita Hirachan has contributed substantially to breast cancer care and research in Nepal, evidenced by her impressive portfolio of over 30 publications. Her research efforts likely encompass various aspects of breast oncology, including clinical studies, treatment advancements, and epidemiological insights relevant to the Nepalese population. Through her publications, Dr. Hirachan enhances medical knowledge and helps shape guidelines and practices in breast cancer management in Nepal and beyond. Her dedication to both clinical practice and research underscores her commitment to improving outcomes for breast cancer patients and advancing the field of oncology in her region.